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tips for new employees

3 Top Tips for New Employees to be Recognized as Management Superstars


Knowing top tips for new employees is imperative for success when joining a new company.


I have been on both sides of the table. Being a new employee in different career steps and being a hiring manager employing new team members. Here is my view: As a probationary period is effectively an extension of your interview. It's essential to make a good impression and demonstrate that you're a valuable asset to the team. As simple as that.

I personally always found it intimidating to join new companies or new teams. I had received generic tips for new employees, such as being optimistic and confident or learning from others what is necessary. This is good advice but not very specific to excel in your new role and get recognized as your company's next management superstar.

Keeping this in mind, I am sharing my top tips for new employees and how to make a lasting impression that will get you ahead in your career.

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3 Top Tips for New Employees to Excel in Your New Role

tips for new employees

1. Understand Organizational Structure and Culture

As a new employee, understanding your company's organizational structure and culture can be difficult and frustrating. If organizational structures are rigid, as often found in long-established and large companies, it will typically take longer for an employee to grow comfortable than in more flexible structures.


To be successful, you need to thrive in your company's culture! Employees should also consider if their personality suits the company culture before taking a position within the company. One of my top tips for new employees is to research your new company and see if the culture is a fit before accepting.


Employees should learn how the hierarchy works at the workplace. Find out who's in a managerial position and listen closely for clues on their tone of voice. Don't hesitate to ask questions about office politics if you are unclear about your roles, what people do and why. Learn how certain team members, especially your boss, communicate and how to interpret their body language, trying to understand the distinction between being formal and informal.


2. Get to Know Your Boss and Be of Service to Her

The single most important person in your day-to-day work life is your boss. Investing in this relationship should be on top of your priority list. Establishing a good relationship with her will give you more help and better career prospects. A negative relationship could quickly become a career dead end.


Start with this question about your boss: What are they trying to achieve in the company? Learn more about your boss's needs and goals and align with them. Additionally, I would look for an open dialogue and ask directly what would help her and her expectations of yourself as new team member.


Here is an important thing and another top tip for new employees. Never talk badly about your boss or go behind her back. This will damage the relationship, make her lose her trust in you, and give you a reputation with your coworkers. And a bad reputation tends to stick, often even further than you expect.


3. Trust Must Be Earned

Whether you like it or not, good interpersonal relationships are necessary for success.


Trust and mutual respect are at the heart of every relationship, regardless of your boss, team, or business unit. As an aspiring leader, you must earn the trust of your peers and, in turn, be willing to trust them to lead others successfully.


The journey starts with gaining the trust of one person at a time. Write down the key relationships you need to succeed in your role. as a hint: your boss should be at the top of the list. But it doesn't end here. Which teams and critical people are essential to execute your day-to-day tasks smoothly and efficiently? Who is crucial to your boss' success?


An essential step in earning trust is fulfilling promises and meeting the required standards. Showing up consistently with good business behaviors and no excuses will get you there.


Here I have one word of caution: Earning trust takes time but it can be lost in no time at all.

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