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signs your boss wants to promote you

Signs Your Boss Wants to Promote You


What are the signs your boss wants to promote you?


I am so glad you asked! As I always say, you need to observe and analyze what is happening around you. And this one, or the absence of it, can indicate what could be on the cards for you in the next 6-12 months.


Usually, people are picked for promotion a while before it happens. Most departments have a so-called "talent list" that shortlists candidates for promotion according to the role. And following this, there will be clear signs that your boss wants to promote you.


These candidates will receive different treatments for two reasons: (1) to help them iron out the kinks to be ready for promotion, and (2) to test if they would be able to handle the new set of responsibilities and situations that come with it. That’s why you need to read the signs right because you will either sink or swim.


To help you recognize your opportunities, I am sharing the signs your boss wants to promote you in this post!


I recognized that I had a good shot at promotion roughly six months before it happened. I was given an important project for the company with high visibility to senior management and higher. It was clear that I must always be on my best behavior with top performance. One slip up will end my dream of promotion or at least delay it significantly.

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How to Tell If Your Boss Wants to Promote You

signs your boss sees you as a leader


1. You Are Exposed to Important People - Your Place in the Limelight

Decisions on promotions are not made in isolation. If your boss wants to promote you, he needs the support and agreement of his management.


The only way to get this approval and support is to be well known across the relevant departments and management levels for the right reasons. This will require visibility to these levels, which you can only get if your boss exposes you to this in presentations, meetings invitations, and work projects.


It is an excellent sign to be exposed to higher management regularly by your boss. It shows that he trusts you and makes sure everyone can get convinced of your abilities.


2. You Get Important Tasks and Projects

This is an important indication. Essential tasks and projects are just this... Important. Your management won't be gambling on these and will assign them to people they think have the capability.


Being successful on important projects will help you build your reputation across the company and deliver the perfect justification that you are the right person to be promoted.


Additionally, this helps your boss to test you and your pressure resilience. This is not the place to complain about too much work and make excuses.


3. Working Across Departments

Many people have a refined circle of interaction in their day-to-day job activities. If you are asked to expand this as part of new responsibilities, this is an excellent opportunity for networking across the organization.


People need to know you for the right reasons to support your boss's decision to promote you, and giving you the opportunities to work across departments does just this.


4. More Critical Feedback

Almost no one is ready for a promotion. However, it is important to be as close as possible. Your boss will know that and be interested in ironing out as many kinks as possible before the actual promotion to make the transition as smooth as possible.


The way to do this is to increase the frequency and depth of feedback. The chances are high that it will be more critical. Don't get offended! If you know that your boss sees you as a top performer, this is to help you to make the leap in performance needed to get promoted to manager.


5. You Are Asked to Discuss Long-Term Plans

This is a good one!


If there are more developed plans in place by management to promote you, you will have dedicated sessions put in place to discuss your future. You will be asked what your ambitions are and how you see yourself developing.


No one can promise you a promotion there; however, there will be strong hints in the discussion about where your boss and their bosses will see you in the future.

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