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reasons you arent getting promoted

Reasons You Aren’t Getting Promoted


Do you want to know the reasons you aren't getting promoted?


Do you recognize this scenario? Despite excellent results and reviews from co-workers, you get passed over for a promotion. The feedback on the why is vague and unclear.


Established organizations have unwritten rules that govern promotions, especially for management positions. Understanding these will give you the reasons you aren't getting promoted. However, you are left on your own devices to figure these out to get promoted.


I am no stranger to this. I had seen co-workers being promoted and found it highly unfair because I saw myself as equal to them. A few years down the line, I have a better understanding of the real scoop on rules for promotion. And looking back even, I have to say now that I didn't bring the right skills to the table at the time.

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But don't despair. If you are not ready now, that only means you have room to grow, and you can still get that promotion. To help you kickstart your growth, I am sharing my scoop on the potential reasons you aren't getting that promotion.


What No One Tells You About: Reasons You Aren't Getting Promoted

passed over for promotion by less qualified


1. You Lack the Skills

Maybe you are great in your current role. But unfortunately, that is not enough to be promoted.


To be at least considered for promotion, you already must demonstrate the skills of the job you desire while you do your current job. Technical skills are increasingly less necessary for management positions, and people skills take over.


The best way to learn which skills to develop to get a promotion is to consider your strengths and weaknesses. Then observe people already in a role you would like to have to learn what skills they have.


2. You Don't Have the Right Communication Skills

Communication skills take over when you enter the management profession. However, they often get confused with "being a friendly person". It is not; instead, it is about keeping good professional relationships with others, resolving conflict, and removing roadblocks in your team's day-to-day activities.


Do you find yourself often stuck in conversations with others or have a lot of friction with other teams, which hinders your work? Then it is time to look at your communication skills and how to improve them.


3. You Aren't Independent Enough

You need to demonstrate excellent self-management of yourself before managing others.


Be honest with yourself. Are you always on top of your responsibilities without reminders from your boss? If your management often reminds you to deliver tasks, you will unlikely be up for promotion.


4. You Aren't Open to Feedback and Criticism

This is a big one. No one is perfect, and we all have room to grow. And this is what feedback is made for.


In leadership, you must show a willingness for professional and personal growth. If you are not open to constructive feedback or, even worse, are keen to prove your boss wrong, you will be unlikely to be on top of the list for promotion.


5. Your Behaviour Doesn't Match Expectations for Leadership

Being technically good and having been with a company for a long time is not enough! You need to be of exemplary behavior all the time, even if the boss is not looking.


Don't complain, criticize people and organizational processes, or vent frustration. Act professionally, take responsibility, be proactive in making things better, and be constructive.


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