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How to Get a Promotion Working from Home


Do you ask yourself how to get a promotion working from home in our new world of work?


I still remember when pretty much all of us office workers were sent home to work remotely for an undetermined amount of time. I have always been an ambitious person and being promoted into a management position was the next step for me. A few months into the pandemic, with still lots of uncertainty on the permanent work situation and many faceless teams calls later, I started to ask myself how I would ever get the promotion working from home.


I am glad to say that I finally got that promotion, and I got that promotion working from home!This post will be about what you need to know to get a promotion working from home.

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5 Easy Steps for Getting a Promotion Working from Home

how to get a promotion while working from home


1. Impressions Count – Be Always Camera-Ready

Would you go to the office in your pajamas and without a shower? Most people would answer this with a clear no and find it inappropriate. The more I am surprised the number of people who look like they just rolled out of bed working from home.


Impressions count if it is in-person or on-camera, every single time.


Being ready for the day signals that you respect and take serious your responsibilities and co-workers. And this isn’t just limited to yourself. It applies to the whole frame visible on camera. So while you are on it… tidy up your background.


2. Tardiness Robs Us of Opportunity – Be Punctual

Everyone’s time is valuable. Show people that you value them by being reliable and punctual in meetings as well as with your work responsibilities.


Especially when it comes to meetings with your management, punctuality is an absolute must. I always make sure to be on time. And so are many people in management. While waiting for others to join allows me to increase my visibility and build my reputation.


3. Build Relationships – Get Facetime with People that Matter

Some people only know their colleagues by voice and would not recognize them when they passed by in the hall. This is because most don’t use the camera during meetings. That makes sense in meetings with many participants but in smaller meetings, it is a lost opportunity to build important relationships.


I recognized that a video call is immensely useful when having important discussions because it allows me to read other people’s body language and facial expressions. And this allows me in turn to adjust my communication. Good examples of this are regular one-on-ones, career discussions, and meetings with management.


Good leaders will insist on facetime during discussions. I am sure that this is for the same reasons.


4. Make Your Boss’s Life Easier – Be a Top Communicator

Communication, communication, communication!


Keeping your boss well informed about your work and progress will ensure that he views you in a positive light and blows your trumpet when in presence of others.


This is true for in-office-based work, but even more important when working remotely where there are no water cooler moments and lunch discussions with your team. Chances are high that you have decreased interaction with others and there is little opportunity to clarify work assignments after the initial discussion.


I receive plenty of feedback for great communication – in person and remotely. Here are some examples:

  • I listen carefully to the requirements of the work assignment and then ask quality questions about the important “W” – what, when, who, where. Also, I don’t finish the conversation – even with my boss – before the assignment is fully clear to me.
  • I communicate swiftly when I run into issues that are outside of my realm of influence. This is often in form of escalating the issue to management which allows them to provide me with the help I need to finish the job.
  • I communicate regular updates on progress and my boss doesn’t need to chase me.


5. Face to Face Discussions – When It Matters

I am convinced that a hybrid form of working from home and the office is here to stay. I am also convinced that many people can comfortably complete their work from home and have almost no reason to go to the office.


Despite this many leaders will be in the office regularly. Here is why – In-person interaction builds relationships.


I recommend you to come to the office when you have interactions with your boss or you are contributing to meetings with leadership present. I do this for every 1:1 with my boss, my boss’s staff meetings, and other leadership meetings. It creates the glue of the relationship and at this point, it still shows that you go the extra mile.

International Association of Women membership
Free work interview preparation for first time manager questions
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