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5 Ways to Learn to Love Your Job


Learn to love your job - Is this something you can identify with? Maybe not, because it took me a while to learn to love my job too!


When I first started working, I was disappointed initially. I thought I would continuously engage in exciting discussions and save the day with my fantastic engineering solutions regularly. Imagine my shock to be stuck in excel spreadsheets behind a desk.


Especially the younger generations seem to feel entitled to have a job they love and are passionate above, including fantastic career progression and work-life balance. If that is the expectation, there will be many disappointed people.


Like a personal relationship, love is not always something that is always there. Sometimes it grows over time, and indeed, there will be unhappy moments. The big question is, is it overall worth it.


Here are a few pointers on how to learn to love your job to help you get a new perspective on your job.

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5 Steps on How to Say I Love My Job

how to say I love my job

1. Focus on Your Career, Not on Your Current Job

One of my mentors told me at the beginning of our relationship that the most important thing is to know what you want.


You can find meaning in every job. Focus on the skills you learn, the experience, and the relationships you make while in your current job. Understanding how it brings you towards your career goals will help you to appreciate your job and learn to love it too.


2. Understand What You Like and Dislike

Expecting to love your job 24/7 is unrealistic. All jobs come with positives and negatives.


Do you clearly understand what parts of your job you hate and love? And why that is? Especially if you can pinpoint these precisely, you can find ways to reduce the things you dislike and do more of what you love.


3. Strive Accomplishments

You can learn something valuable from every job! I mean it.


Find ways to track your skill improvements. Get good at what you are doing. Take pride in your accomplishments. Teach others what you learned.


Skills are what people get hired and promoted for!


4. Look at the Benefits of Your Job Beyond Your Actual Responsibilities

I was once working for a large automotive brand. The job was okay, but I didn’t feel delighted.


Nonetheless, the job had particular upsides. Namely the benefits. Good pay, excellent pension, security, and a decent work-life balance. Not too shabby at all in the grand scheme of life.


Look for positive things your job gives you: benefits, location, relationships,…


5. Don’t Wait for Others Permission to Make Most of Your Job

If interesting projects are coming up in your work, don’t wait around to be approached by others to join. Be proactive and speak up.


Especially when you are on top of your job with good feedback and it won’t suffer from the extracurricular activities, superiors will rarely object to you spending some time on tasks beyond your current job description.


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