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How to Influence Beyond Expectations: A Woman Leader’s Playbook


How to influence is a powerful tool that allows leaders to shape opinions, inspire action, and drive positive change. Understanding effective influence techniques tailored to their unique needs and challenges is essential for women in leadership positions.


I am thrilled to share valuable insights on how female leaders can enhance their influence and succeed in their roles. This article will explore various strategies on how to influence and skills that can empower female leaders to make a lasting impact.


How to Influence Authentically: Strategies for Women in Leadership

How to influence was a big question mark for me early in my career. As a first-time manager, stepping into a role that demanded influence on various fronts felt like navigating uncharted waters. I vividly recall the initial discomfort, grappling with the responsibility to inspire my team, earn the respect of seasoned colleagues, and communicate effectively with superiors.


The turning point came when I embraced the discomfort, recognizing it as a catalyst for growth. I learned to listen actively, seeking insights from team members and acknowledging their expertise. Sharing my vision became a narrative that resonated with shared values, fostering a sense of unity.


Navigating through hierarchical layers, I discovered the power of adapting communication styles. With superiors, it was about presenting data-backed strategies; with colleagues, it involved collaboration and shared achievements. The journey, though challenging, proved transformative. Each attempt to influence, whether met with success or a learning opportunity, propelled me beyond my comfort zone, shaping my leadership style and a profound understanding of the art of influence.


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How to Influence Key Takeaways

1. Build Credibility Through Trustworthy Leadership: Building influence starts with trust. As a female leader, focus on delivering on promises, acting consistently, and demonstrating empathy. Trust forms the bedrock of credibility, paving the way for stronger relationships and enhanced influence.


2. Embrace Effective Communication Strategies: Harness the power of effective communication by incorporating techniques like storytelling, active listening, and leveraging evidence and data. Clear and persuasive communication significantly impacts action and makes a lasting impact.


3. Prioritize Networking and Relationship Building: Networking isn't just about connections; this means understanding and building meaningful relationships and recognizing links within and outside your industry to expand your influence. Authenticity and genuine intentions in networking foster trust and create a supportive ecosystem.


4. Approach Influence with Unwavering Integrity: Ethical influence is non-negotiable. Prioritize solutions that benefit all parties involved, fostering collaboration and trust. Uphold integrity in decision-making, ensuring your force aligns with your values and contributes themselves and


5. Remain Adaptable and Open to Learning: Influence is dynamic, requiring adaptability. Recognize the diverse preferences and communication styles of others. Stay open to learning, actively seeking feedback, and adjusting your approach as needed. Flexibility enhances your influence in various situations.


1. How to Influence with Purpose - Empowering Female Leaders

How to influence - As female leaders, we have the power to impact our organizations and communities significantly. One of the critical tools in our arsenal is the ability to influence others. Empowering female leaders means understanding the importance of influence and recognizing that it goes beyond simply giving orders or taking charge. It involves inspiring, persuading, and encouraging others to join us in achieving our goals.


Influence allows us to shape the narrative, drive change, and create a positive work environment. It enables us to build strong relationships, gain trust, and rally others around a shared vision. Through influential strategies, we can amp all team members' impact and make meaningful benefits not only to ourselves but also to influence skills that enable us to communicate our ideas and goals with clarity and conviction, to listen to and understand the perspectives of others, and to find common ground. By tapping into our strengths as female leaders and leveraging our unique perspectives, we can bring about positive change, drive innovation, and create a culture of empowerment and growth.


Lead by exampleShowcasing integrity, authenticity, and resilience to inspire others.
Build strong relationshipsCultivating meaningful connections to create a network of support and collaboration.
Communicate effectivelyUsing clear and persuasive language to convey ideas and motivate others.
Empower and develop others.Supporting the growth and advancement of team members, fostering a culture of empowerment.
Lead with empathyDemonstrating understanding, compassion, and emotional intelligence to build trust.
Embrace diversity and inclusionFostering an environment that values and leverages the unique perspectives and talents of all team members.


When it comes to influencing others, there are three main approaches: influencing with the Head, the Heart, and the Hands. Each system has unique strategies and techniques that female leaders can employ to influence those they lead.


1. Influencing with the Head:

This approach involves making logical appeals and presenting facts to persuade others. Female leaders can leverage their expertise, knowledge, and analytical skills to provide well-reasoned arguments and evidence that support their ideas. By showcasing a deep understanding of the subject matter and offering clear, data-driven insights, leaders can gain the trust and respect of their teams.


2. Influencing with the Heart:

Tapping into people's emotions and values is a powerful way to influence others. Female leaders can connect with their team members more deeply by understanding their motivations, fears, and aspirations. Leaders can inspire commitment and loyalty by appealing to their emotions and aligning their values with the desired outcomes. This emotional connection fosters a sense of purpose, creating a more engaged and motivated team.


3. Influencing with the Hands:

Collaboration and teamwork are critical components of this approach. Female leaders can build influence by fostering collaboration, encouraging collective decision-making, and promoting shared responsibility. By actively involving team members and empowering them to contribute their ideas and expertise, leaders can create a sense of ownership and drive commitment to achieving common goals. This collaboration positively impacts the bond within the team but also enhances female leaders' need to understand.


ApproachKey Strategies
Influencing with the Head- Presenting logical arguments
- Providing evidence and data
- Highlighting expertise
Influencing with the Heart- Appealing to emotions
- Connecting values
- Building trust and rapport
Influencing with the Hands- Encouraging collaboration
- Promoting teamwork
- Empowering others


By understanding these different types of influence, females are led to their ideas and goals based on the situation. Whether presenting a compelling argument, appealing to emotions, or fostering collaboration, having diverse influence strategies will enable women in leadership roles to inspire and motivate their teams.


how to influence with purpose


2. Mastering Your Audience Influences

How to influence is a powerful tool for female leaders to achieve their goals and positively impact their organizations. To become influential, female leaders need to understand the three critical elements of influence: the capture of attention and audience.


Learn more about communication skills >>here<<


The Communicator: Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

As a female leader aiming to influence, you are the communicator—the driving force behind the message. Developing effective communication and interpersonal skills is crucial to your success. This involves being able to articulate your ideas and goals clearly and actively listening to others. Adapting your communication style to connect with different individuals is equally vital. By fostering these skills, you establish a foundation that allows your influence to resonate and authenticate fully.


The Message: Craft messages that are clear, compelling, and aligned with the audience's interests.

Crafting a persuasive message is an art. As a female leader, your message is what your audience wants to do or believe. To be truly influential, your messages must be clear, compelling, and aligned with the interests and values of your audience. This requires a deep understanding of the needs and motivations of others. Tailoring your messages accordingly captures attention and ensures that your influence is meaningful and lasting.


The Audience: Build trust, establish credibility, and understand the perspectives and needs of the audience.

Your audience is the recipient of your message, and their responsiveness is pivotal to your influence. Identifying and connecting with your audience is an essential skill for female leaders. By empathizing with your audience, you create a connection beyond words, fostering an environment where your influence can genuinely take root.


Elements of InfluenceKey Actions
The CommunicatorDevelop effective communication and interpersonal skills.
The MessageCraft messages that are clear, compelling, and aligned with the audience's interests.
The AudienceBuild trust, establish credibility, and understand the perspectives and needs of the audience.


3. How to Influence - Building Credibility and Connection

How to influence requires understanding the importance of networking and forming solid relationships. These connections provide instant access to those you want to influence, allowing you to impact their thoughts and actions significantly.


People are more likely to listen to and follow someone they trust.


Additionally, being open to suggestions and possibilities is crucial for connecting with others and making persuasive arguments. When I actively listen to different viewpoints and consider alternative ideas, I value collaboration and respect others' input. This fosters trust and a sense of connection, making influencing and inspiring action easier.


NetworkingExpand your professional network by participating in communities, attending events, and conversing.
CredibilityEstablish yourself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable leader by consistently delivering on your promises and demonstrating expertise.
OpennessBe open to suggestions and different perspectives, creating a collaborative environment that encourages others to contribute.


Building Credibility and Connection: Tips for Female Leaders

• Network and form strong relationships with individuals who have influence.

• Establish a reputation for trustworthiness by being consistent and transparent in your actions.

• Listen actively and consider alternative perspectives to build connections and demonstrate openness.

• Show empathy and understanding towards others to cultivate a sense of connection and rapport.

• Seek feedback and be open to suggestions, demonstrating a willingness to learn and improve.


Benefits of Building Credibility and Connection

• Increased trust from colleagues and team members.

• Enhanced influence and ability to persuade others.

• Opportunities for collaboration and joint initiatives.

• More significant support and buy-in for ideas and initiatives.

• Improved personal and professional relationships.


how to influence for female leaders

4. Building Trust as a Leading Woman: A Foundation for Influence

How to influence is the cornerstone of trust, particularly for female leaders. Establishing trust allows us to empathize with others, build credibility, and evoke loyalty. As female leaders, our listening necessitates cultivating trust with our audience, whether it comprises team members, colleagues, or stakeholders.


1. Deliver on your commitments: Fulfilling commitments and delivering on promises is paramount. This showcases reliability and integrity—cornerstones of trust. Consistently meeting expectations builds confidence and cultivates an environment of accountability and dependability. In the realm of influence, reliability forms the bedrock upon which lasting connections are constructed.


2. Consistency in Behavior: Acting consistently over time contributes significantly to trust-building. Others rely on our consistent behaviour to assess our character and reliability. Aligning our words with our actions reinforces the trust others place in us. This consistency fosters a sense of security and empowers us to lead authentically, strengthening our influence with every step.


3. Demonstrating Empathy: Empathy is a powerful tool in the trust-building arsenal. We show empathy towards others' experiences and perspectives. Listening to and understanding their challenges, feelings, and needs creates a safe space for open communication. Empathy enables us to connect deeper, fostering trust-based relationships with those we aim to influence.


In conclusion, trust plays a pivotal role in enhancing leadership influence for women. We build and sustain trust with our audience by delivering on promises, showcasing consistency in behaviour, and demonstrating empathy. Trust forms the bedrock for effective influence, unlocking the commitment, capabilities, and creativity of those we aspire to lead. As leading women, trust is a virtue and a potent catalyst for impactful and lasting leadership.


how to influence trust


5. Maximizing Networks for Success

How to influence and learning how to do it, creates power and profoundly impacts our organizations and communities. The deliberate leveraging of networks is a potent strategy that can significantly amplify our influence. By establishing and nurturing meaningful connections, we expand our reach and gain invaluable insights, creating fertile ground for collaboration and growth.


Learn more on how to network >>here<<


Building and leveraging networks endow us with instant access to individuals we aspire to influence, fostering the establishment of an alliance and support system. We can connect with those who share our goals and values through strategic networking, providing diverse perspectives and valuable resources. These connections serve as gateways to new opportunities, aid in overcoming obstacles, and serve as amplifiers for our influence.


However, it is crucial to approach networking with authenticity and genuine intentions. Genuine connections surpass transactional engagements; they are rooted in the cultivation of meaningful relationships. We build trust and fortify our network connections by demonstrating a sincere interest in others, actively listening to their needs and aspirations, and reciprocating with support and value.


Leveraging networks as a leading woman offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it provides a broader sphere of influence, allowing us to reach a more extensive audience and exert a more significant impact. Tapping into our networks enables us to amplify our messages, ideas, and initiatives, garnering support and buy-in from diverse individuals.


Secondly, networking exposes us to novel knowledge, insights, and perspectives. Connecting with individuals from various industries, backgrounds, and experiences broadens our horizons, infusing fresh ideas into our decision-making and problem-solving processes. These diverse perspectives fortify our leadership effectiveness, enabling us to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Lastly, leveraging networks facilitates constructing a community of like-minded individuals, offering support, guidance, and mentorship. For leading women, having a robust support system is indispensable, one that comprehends our unique challenges and aspirations. Our network connections serve as sounding boards, fountains of inspiration, and allies in our journey towards success.


how to influence networking


6. Leadership Influence Tips for Women on How to Influence

As female leaders, mastering the art of how to influence is crucial for achieving our goals and making a positive impact. To effectively influence others, there are vital skills that we should develop. These skills include organizational intelligence, team promotion, trust-building, and leveraging networks.


1. Organizational Intelligence: Understanding the dynamics and culture of our organizations is essential for effective influence. It involves awareness of power structures, decision-making processes, and key stakeholders. With this knowledge, we can navigate the organization more effectively and tailor our influence strategies accordingly.


2. Team Promotion: As female leaders, promoting ourselves and our teams is essential. By advocating for our team members' strengths and achievements, we can enhance our influence and create opportunities for individual and collective success. This also demonstrates our ability as leaders to nurture talent and build a cohesive and high-performing team.


3. Trust-Building: Trust is the foundation of influence. As female leaders, we should focus on building and maintaining trust with our colleagues and stakeholders. This involves transparency, delivering on our promises, and consistently acting with integrity. When others trust us, they are more likely to be influenced by our ideas and decisions.


4. Leveraging Networks: Networks are a powerful asset for female leaders. By cultivating meaningful connections with others, we can expand our influence and gain access to resources, information, and opportunities. It's essential to strategically leverage our networks by actively engaging with others, seeking collaborations, and building alliances that support our goals.


Influencing SkillsDescription
Organizational intelligence is understandingthe dynamics and culture of the organization to navigate influence effectively.
Team PromotionWe are advocatingg for our team members' strengths and achievements to create opportunities for success.
Trust-Building: We build trust through transparency, integrity, and delivering on promises.
Leveraging Networks: We cultivatemeaningful connections to expand influence and access resources and opportunities.


how to influence tips


7. Techniques for Elevating Leadership Influence: A Guide for Female Leaders

As female leaders, mastering the art of influence is pivotal for achieving our goals and leaving a meaningful impact. Incorporating these techniques into our communication style enables us to effectively convey ideas and inspire action among our team and colleagues.


1. The Power of Storytelling: One compelling technique is storytelling. Sharing personal stories or experiences connects with our audience, making our ideas more relatable. Stories captivate attention and evoke emotions, becoming a valuable tool for conveying messages in a memorable and impactful way.


2. Active Listening and Empathy: Active listening is crucial for enhancing influence. Demonstrating genuine interest and empathy shows that we value others' perspectives, fostering trust. This technique involves paying attention, asking clarifying questions, and summarizing shared information to ensure understanding.


3. Using Evidence and Data: Strengthening influence involves backing ideas with evidence and data. Presenting arguments with facts and statistics supports our viewpoint, grounding ideas in research and analysis. This approach builds a logical case that is both credible and persuasive.


4. Appealing to Shared Values: Effective influence includes appealing to shared values. Identifying necessary values for our audience and framing messages in alignment fosters unity and encourages support. Respecting and honouring others' values makes them more likely to be influenced by our statements.


5. Adaptability and Flexibility: Being adaptable and flexible is crucial. Acknowledging diverse preferences and communication styles increases the likelihood of successful influence. Flexibility enables us to respond to changing circumstances, ensuring we remain effective in various situations.


As a female leader, recognizing and responding to influence are essential skills. Awareness of being influenced allows autonomy while considering others' perspectives. Self-awareness, understanding biases, and navigating influencing tactics empower leaders to make informed decisions aligned with values and goals.


Recognizing Influence: Be attentive to the motivations and interests—of nations when being persuaded. Pay attention to language, tone, and body language to evaluate the credibility and validity of influence tactics. Recognizing influence allows for informed decision-making.


Responding to Influence: Responding to influence involves assertiveness and expressing thoughts, needs, and boundaries clearly and confidently. Female leaders assert their autonomy by being proactive, standing up for themselves, and voicing opinions respectfully. This ensures decisions align with values and leadership styles.


Assertiveness is pivotal when responding to influence. It involves expressing thoughts and needs confidently and acknowledging both personal rights and the rights of others. By maintaining integrity and aligning actions with values, female leaders navigate influence with confidence and authenticity.


Assertiveness is not about being aggressive or confrontational. It's about expressing yourself confidently and respectfully, acknowledging both your rights and the rights of others.


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8. How to Influence Conclusions

Influence is a pivotal skill for women in leadership, offering the key to achieving goals and fostering positive change. By building credibility through networking, trustworthiness, and openness to suggestions, female leaders lay the foundation for impactful influence.


Practical techniques, such as storytelling, active listening, and leveraging evidence, amplify a woman's influence, inspiring action and creating a lasting impact. The power of effective communication, rooted in clarity and persuasion, becomes a formidable force in the journey toward influential leadership.


Female leaders approach influence with unwavering integrity and prioritize solutions benefiting all parties involved. This commitment to ethical power solidifies their reputation as problem-solvers, cultivating trust and contributing to positive transformations within organizations and communities.


In conclusion, mastering influence empowers female leaders to navigate their roles with finesse and purpose, unlocking the potential to make a lasting impact that transcends individual success and contributes to the greater good.



how to influence conclusion


9. How to Influence FAQ

What are the three main approaches to influencing others?

The three main approaches to influencing others are influencing with the Head, the Heart, and the Hands. Controlling with the Head involves logical appeals and presenting facts, managing with the Heart taps into people's emotions and values, and holding with the hands focuses on collaboration and teamwork.


Why is building credibility and connection important for effective influence?

Building credibility and connection is essential for effective influence because it establishes trust and gives the female leader instant access to those she wants to influence. It also helps in forming strong relationships and allows for persuasive arguments.


What techniques can female leaders use to influence others?

Female leaders can use various techniques to influence others, including storytelling, active listening, evidence and data, appealing to shared values, and being adaptable and flexible. These techniques help in effectively communicating ideas and inspiring action.


Why is influencing others significant for female leaders?

Influencing others is essential for female leaders because it allows them to shape minds and inspire action. By unlocking the secrets of influence, female leaders can make a lasting impact and drive positive change in their organizations and communities.


What is influence, and why is it crucial for female leaders?

Influence is persuading someone to think or act in a certain way. It is essential for female leaders because it allows them to inspire, charm, and encourage others, enabling them to positively impact their organizations and communities.


What are the key elements of influence that female leaders should understand?

The key elements of influence are the communicator (the person who wants to influence someone), the message (what the communicator wants the audience to do or believe), and the audience (the recipient of the message). Understanding these elements is crucial for becoming an influential female leader.


How can female leaders lay the groundwork for influence?

Female leaders can lay the groundwork for influence by networking, establishing credibility, being trustworthy, and being open to suggestions and possibilities. These factors create a strong foundation for their power.


Why is trust important in influence?

Trust is essential in influence because it allows female leaders to build and maintain connections with others. By delivering on promises, consistency, and empathy, female leaders can build trust and tap into the commitment, capabilities, and creativity of those they wish to influence.


How can female leaders leverage networks for influence?

Female leaders can leverage networks by cultivating meaningful connections with others. Networking allows them instant access to people they want to influence or build alliances with. By strategically leveraging their networks, female leaders can increase their influence and achieve their goals.


What skills should female leaders develop for influencing others?

Female leaders should develop organizational intelligence, team promotion, trust-building, and leveraging networks as critical influencing skills. These skills help them navigate organizational dynamics, promote themselves and their teams, build trust, and create collaborative environments for influencing others.


How can female leaders integrate the process of influence into their daily routines?

Female leaders can integrate the process of influence into their daily routines by building relationships, understanding others' perspectives, and being transparent about their own goals and the goals of others. They should also view every interaction as an opportunity for influence.


How can female leaders communicate effectively to influence others?

Female leaders can use communication frameworks to communicate their ideas and goals clearly and persuasively. Female leaders can influence others by describing the current state, establishing a need or problem, describing the desired shape, satisfying or solving the problem, visualizing the benefits, and issuing a call to action.


How should female leaders approach influence with integrity?

Female leaders should approach influence with integrity by focusing on problem-solving and finding solutions that benefit all parties involved. By being viewed as a problem-solver and solution provider, female leaders can build their credibility and make a positive impact in the long run.


Why is it important for female leaders to recognize and respond to influence?

Female leaders need to recognize and respond to influence because it allows them to maintain their autonomy while still considering the perspectives of others. Female leaders can make informed decisions by gaining self-awareness, understanding their own biases, and knowing how to navigate different influencing tactics.


Why is influence a vital skill for female leaders?

Influence is a vital skill for female leaders because it enables them to achieve their goals and make a positive impact. By mastering the principles of influence, building trust, communicating effectively, and approaching influence with integrity, female leaders can become influential forces in their organizations and communities.


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