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Employee Motivation Considerations for First-Time Managers


When I speak with high performing and successful individuals about their biggest challenges, employee motivation always comes up as one of them.


Employee motivation is the level of commitment and energy an employee gives to the company. This is an absolute must for a high level of productivity in your team which will directly reflect on you as leader.


Studies have found that happy employees are 31% more productive. So, the question you should ask yourself is how to make your team happy.


I have been busy with this question for a long time and at the beginning of my people management journey I was clueless. To make is bit easier for you, see below my take on employee motivation.

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3 Top Considerations for First-Time Managers on Employee Motivation

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1. Employee Motivation Techniques

Start with providing a vision for the work. Everyone wants to know what their efforts go towards. Ideally, you would know your employee's values and connect the work to that.


Also, relate how good performance and high productivity connect to them. Clarify how you will measure performance and how this will be recognized and rewarded. If there is a benefit for your employees that should help to improve performance.


2. Shifting Employee Needs

Job security and a decent paycheck are not enough to entice people to give their best at work. That is especially true for younger generations. They are looking for personal growth and learning opportunities.


Offer your employees regular and personalized feedback sessions, and development plans, and show them how they can have a positive impact and how their performance will be evaluated.


3. Building a Suitable Team

All people are different, and while diversity is a benefit, you should ensure that everyone in your team brings the core values and qualities to the table.


This is easiest if you can build a team. Before hiring, you need to be clear about the essential qualities and look accordingly at candidates. You also have the opportunity to revamp how things are done in the team without resistance.


It can be more challenging if you are taken over an existing team. Especially if you are doing things differently to your predecessor. In these situations you will need to work with the points previously two points. It takes time but the results are worth it.

International Association of Women membership
Free work interview preparation for first time manager questions
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