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3 Ways How Effective Listening Skills Make You a Better People Manager


Do you know why effective listening skills are so crucial to people management? Because the most precious thing you can give your team is your full attention and make them feel heard and understood.


Good managers know that a monthly paycheck is not enough to motivate employees and inspire a high level of commitment. People are only motivated when they trust their management and feel comfortable with their team.


Gladly, great listeners are on a good way to achieve that by getting better information from their team, reducing conflict, and making them feel properly heard. Eventually, this will give you the priceless opportunity to learn what motivates each individual in your team.


Nonetheless, listening is much more than just being silent while someone else is talking. It is about paying attention, understanding, responding, reflecting on the said, and acting on it later. All of that makes listening an essential part of communication and an active process.


I have been down the development road of improving my listening skills, and I have learned a lot by practicing it. I would love you to benefit from my experience. Therefore, this blog post is all about effective listening skills.

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3 Effective Listening Skills Every Good People Manager Needs to Master

effective listening skills for managers


1. Be Observant of the Other Person

Yes, you read right! An effective listening skills is actually to use your vision.


You need to go into important discussions with your employees with both eyes wide open. Look at everything – body language, facial expressions, and those changes during the discussion!


Observation will help you tremendously to categorize the said and understand your employee’s mood. It will help you to show empathy towards your team and eventually it will gain their trust.


2. Be Reflective To Fully Grasp What Is Said

There is a multitude of possible responses in communication with your employees. Common ones are reflecting, probing, deflecting, and advising. A good listener will stay away from the latter three.


An effective listener will include gentle questions that promote discovery, however, only to reflect on and clarify the said. Stay away from trying to make a point from your own experience.


Focus on understanding how the other person sees the world.


3. Be In the Moment

Time is scarce in a manager’s life. So the most valuable thing you can give is your undivided attention.


You are trying to build trust with your team through your listening skill, so be in the moment. Leave the distractions behind and make the discussion secure.


Undivided attention is a straightforward but effective thing. Find a space away from third-party ears, leave the phone behind, and stay away from checking messages on your computer.


The Author’s Thoughts on Effective Listening

While I write this, I recognize that my leaders and mentors do the same with me when we are in 1:1s. I feel important in these meetings, and they have built relationships with me, making me committed to my work and inspiring me to put in the extra effort.


As managers and aspiring leaders, we must have compassionate attention to our employees’ needs. The impact on performance is tremendous in regards to work quality and motivation.

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