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Career Management – The Secret to Your Success


If you want a big career, you won't get around career management. Things won't happen by themselves; it is as simple as that.


So what is it? Career managing is a conscious process of planning your activities to achieve your career ambitions. It is sequential in nature, starting with understanding yourself and your goals, then implementing the steps leading to the career goal.


I felt very inspired when I saw Marissa Mayer, then Yahoo's CEO, on the cover of Fortune magazine with bold letters next to her "The 50 most powerful women" in 2012. And I just knew that one day I want to be recognized in that way too for my achievements.


I personally have always been driven. Even when I left school, I knew I want to become an influential woman in industry. I joined the engineering profession eventually because my talents were in math and physics. I studied in several countries and finished academia with a PhD. I started working in industry and build an expertise and build a reputation for myself. Last year I made it finally to manager.


Looking back I have always been career planning but over the years it became a conscious process.


Sometimes it still feels like my journey only begins but there are things I made a habit for my personal career planning. Do you know what your steps are in career management? Have a read and see if my steps help you.

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Career Management Process - The Key Activities

career management process


1. Know Yourself and What You Want

It sounds so simple but from painful experience, I know that this is not easy. Having an amazing career is a heavy and long-term commitment. Therefore you need to be clear if you really want this.


Also to make it work you need to understand who you are as a person. What is your personality, your talents, and interests, but most importantly your strengths and weaknesses? This will influence heavily how you will achieve your career ambition.


2. Strategy and Planning for Career Management

You need to explore your horizons. You should have a long-term vision already if you know what you want. But how are you planning to get there?

"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." - Winston Churchil

I know that plans can change, but having a strategy helps you to stay on track. So think ahead on what jobs, experiences and exposure you need to achieve your long-term vision.


Being strategic will also mean to think about which actions will bring you the quickest to your goals.


3. The Power of Networking

Have you heard this saying: Your network is your net worth? If not, you have heard it here first.


I personally found this difficult to understand. Why is doing just good work not enough? Well, you need people to know about it and talk about it.


Eventually the truth is also that talking about your goals and achievements to others will opportunities along the way. Speaking opportunities that raise your profile, experienced business professionals which become your mentor, and important personalities in your industries who become your advocate.

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