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What Career with a View Is All About


Hey there, fabulous career woman!


Welcome to Career with a View, your go-to resource for all things career, leadership, and professional self-development. You’re here because you’re not just content with the status quo; you’re eager to break out of those societal boxes and make your very own, unique, and impactful mark in your professional life. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work, shall we?


Get access to the rooms where decisions are made!


I believe your voice, your skills, and your aspirations should be the things that define you. Forget the labels society tries to put on you. I’m here to ensure your talent gets the spotlight it deserves—in every corner of your business world.


Meet the Founder: The Engineer Turned Leader

Hey, it’s me, Simone, your career confidante. I started off in the world of engineering, more precisely automotive product development. But as I delved into people management, I realized that guiding others to reach their full potential is my true calling. And that’s why this blog exists—to be the mentor you wish you had, right at your fingertips.

Listen to my Femmelead podcast here:

Career with a View - Podcast

✨ Excited to share my recent appearance on Unlimited HERizons podcast by International Association of Women! A huge thank you to the IAW for facilitating such meaningful discussions. Dive in to hear about my journey in automotive product engineering and insights for aspiring professionals. Gratitude to everyone supporting women in leadership, business, and STEM fields. ✨

Career with a View - Podcast_002

✨ I was beyond thrilled to be a featured speaker in the groundbreaking #WIMSCO webinar, titled “How to Help Women Succeed in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Operations”.  Why? Because we spoke about how to tear down some walls and build bridges instead. ✨


The Mission: Diversity & Inclusion in Real Terms

Here’s the deal: We were gathering to lay down some game-changing strategies to make the workplace a breeding ground for female success. We didn’t just talk about the “why”; we were diving deep into the “how” to boost diversity and create a more inclusive environment, especially in industries that are still male-dominated.

Why Mentorship Matters

We all have heard the phrase, “Mentorship is essential to success,” but how many of us have actually had access to a mentor who radically changed our career trajectory? That’s where this blog steps in. From actionable strategies to leadership hacks and work-life balance tips, we’ve got you covered.


What You’ll Find Here

  1. Career Advancement: Say goodbye to career stagnation with our real, actionable strategies.
  2. Leadership Development: Discover the leader within you, no matter the size of your team or project.
  3. Work-Life Integration: Balance isn’t just a buzzword; it’s achievable with the right guidance.
  4. Networking & Support: Connect with an empowering community of women who’ve got your back.
  5. Personal Growth & Well-being: Your best self is waiting; let’s go find her.


Ready to Dig Deeper and Elevate Your Career?

Enough with the warm-up. Now let’s get into the real action.


Here at Career with a View it is not just about climbing the career ladder; we’re about building an entirely new one, customized just for you. So let’s get started, shall we?


Feel empowered? Intrigued? Excited? Good, because you’re about to embark on an incredible career adventure. And remember, the view is always better at the top!


Connect, Engage, Thrive

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Feel empowered, intrigued, and ready to conquer? Good. Because this is only the beginning of your extraordinary career journey. And remember, the view is always better at the top!